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A101 Plus

A101 Plus, one of the biggest shopping markets in Turkey, develops a new generation online shopping app that recognizes users’ needs, campaigns and discounts on users’ favoured products. Users earn lots of balance while offering a brand new experience. The app was downloaded by 500.000 users in a short amount of time in 2 months, and Currently, the app is among the most popular apps on the App Store and Google Play.

As Fol, we closely cooperated with A101 team in order to create a new online shopping experience and designed all interaction and communication processes, such as the brand logo, comprehensive branding system, user experience, mobile app, and website.

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Our design team designed the logo of A101 Plus to appropriate the current A101 branding, and reflect the advantage of the app and its pros. The frame of the logo of A101 Plus was designed like a continuity shape among the brand, the chose of bold and soft typeface is for a more sincere communication. + PLUS was placed under A101 logotype while shape of pluses reinforce the benefits of app.

Before designing the app, our Research team did a very comprehensive study according to different user types. Face-to-face interviews with different personas from the determined user types and tests on forms helped to create the main structure of the application.

We moved on to Wireframe designs to visualize the feedback we received from our audience and other user experience research we’ve done. We aimed to achieve the best results with Wireframes, which we have prepared plenty of alternatives.



After finalizing all the designs, we ran the user experience tests. The results of the usability tests we conducted on different personas allowed us to see the strengths and weaknesses of the application. We achieved the best result by redesigning the areas we found weaknesses. Now, our successful cooperation with A101 Plus continues to grow.


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