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Bizim Tarifler

Bizim Tarifler is an application where you can browse through thousands of recipes, get to know you closely, and offer suggestions, recipes, and tips, and bring the ingredients in the recipes to your door with a single click.

In close collaboration with Bizim Tarifler team, we have developed a rich visual identity that permeates the entire service, from corporate identity to user interface elements.

We have prepared a versatile identity for all interaction areas that make up the brand experience. We worked on legible, thin lines specially designed logo to ensure the retention of the brand name consisting of two words. We created an expansive brand visual world with illustrations inspired by organic forms, a rich color palette, and modern geometric/modern serif fonts. With the interface designs designed following the brand identity, we aimed to strengthen both the emotional and functional experience of the application users.

Our team of analysts, UI and UX designers, held one-on-one interviews to measure the behavior of different personas. After the research outputs, they created drafts, sketches, and wireframe studies. Mobile application and website interfaces, personalization steps, search and purchasing features, both ease of use, and were also designed to allow them to discover during use.

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