Cabinet Atelier - Fol

Cabinet Atelier

Cabinet Atelier specializes in manufacturing architectural woodwork, millwork, and healthcare casework projects. As Fol Design Studio, while designing the new branding for Cabinet Atelier, we focused on creating a modern, bold, and timeless identity. The logo was crafted from basic geometric forms, integrating the “C” and “A” letters from Cabinet Atelier to form a cabinet-shaped emblem, symbolizing the essence of the business.

Throughout the branding process, we emphasized the logo and type logo at a large scale, fostering dynamism across various mediums including stationery, merchandise, social media, and billboard designs. The strategic use of black and white as primary colors enabled us to achieve high contrast and capture attention effectively on all platforms.

In terms of typography, TT Hoves Pro offers geometric characters suitable for our project. The font boasts a large character set, including extended Cyrillic and Latin, as well as numerous styles. The form of the characters is conducive to creating harmony between the logo and type logo.

As a result, Cabinet Atelier’s new branding approach embodies a modern, bold, and timeless design understanding, resulting in significant brand visibility and impact.

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