Cognida - Fol


Operating in Texas, USA, Cognida is a blockchain company.

We started by presenting more vibrant and digitally reflective colors to Cognida, which wants to differentiate itself among many blockchain companies today. After our creative team prepared the color and font selection, the first logo and corporate identity materials emerged. Afterward, our illustrators designed corporate identity materials and illustrations specific to Cognida for use on the website. The illustrations were drawn in a style that describes concepts such as the future, digital and crypto, just like the color selection and logo design. After all these studies were finalized, information documents describing Cognida’s solutions and services, namely “White Paper” designs were made.

While the design of the corporate materials of the project was being prepared, our UI-UX team also prepared the design of Cognida’s website. Icons and illustrations prepared by our illustrators and also added to the website, where user experience is at the forefront.

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