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D-Resort Göcek

The website of D-Resort Göcek, one of the biggest hotels in Turkey, is renewed by Fol.

The design purpose of the project is to reflect the real holiday experience at on the website interface. The exhaustive research of our team and user experience analysis revealed how to be a new approach to a new project. According to our new roadmap, the new visual language, typography and icon are determined by the result of a survey among the different age and genders groups of the targeted audience. We merged modern and convention, through our selection of sans and sans serif typefaces.

A new added explore section and efficient menu structures facilitate the accessibility of the website while the online booking structure is designed to highlight the user experience without any complication and complexity.

If you would like to take a look at the renewed D-Resort Göcek website by Fol, please click the link. www.dresortgocek.com

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