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Getir, which has made its name among the Unicorn companies with a valuation of more than 7 billion dollars, is a mobile commerce application that brings more than 1500 products to your door within minutes with a single touch. At the same time, it has the distinction of being a first in the world with its business model.

As the Fol team, we worked closely with the Getir team, led by Nazım Salur, the founder of Getir, to bring this groundbreaking new and exciting business model to life. We developed a rich visual identity that permeates the entire service, the logo, corporate identity, and user interface elements.

Getir logo and brand identity designed by Fol in 2015

With the Getir team, we have successfully synthesized information in mobile technology, retail, and logistics and created a versatile identity for all interaction areas while creating the brand experience, taking into account our target audience’s ‘time-saving’ instincts.

To ensure the retention of the brand name consisting of a single word, we worked on a custom-designed logo with legible, lowercase letters.

In the choice of color palette, distinctly differentiating from the blues and reds typically associated with retail and start-ups, we chose bold, bright, and exceptionally innovative colors for the category. We used the brand name with bright yellow color and then placed it in purple for a rich and saturated look. We adapted the identity that we designed to the couriers’ clothes, motorcycles, cars, carrying bags, and many other materials.

We worked in detail on carrying the brand identity to the mobile application and UI & UX designs. To increase the usability of Getir, we created a brand new design system that is easy to use by creating drafts and sketches.

The design system we prepared for Getir’s groundbreaking business model turned into a design system used by many applications and inspired similar applications.

Today, Getir is the application with the most daily users in Turkey.

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