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Mindful Business

Mindful Business is a sustainability consultancy company that takes the W3 (Win for Planet, Win for People, Win for Profit) the company created principle as its core focus.
As Fol, we designed the corporate identity and website of the company. The logo was designed based on the W3 principle, which is the focus of the company. While Planet, People and Profit were placed in a triangle, we created the letter M by multiplying this triangle.
With the irregular form structure, we designed. Then, we strengthened the perception of the logo as W in order to describe both M and W3. In addition, we softened sharps corners as the circle to reflect the planet people live on.
Different corporate identity materials such as business cards, envelopes and e-mail signatures were also designed according to the company identity. In addition, we finalized the project by designing the company website where user experience is at the forefront.

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