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Minoto is an online platform that will contribute to the digitalization of the Turkish Automotive Industry and carry the industry into the new era. It is an advertisement site, market place and beyond, in which only Authorized Dealers and “0 km” vehicles are exhibit with real photos and prices.

Minoto won third place in the “Automotive” category at the 2020 Golden Spider Web Awards.


Buying a “0 km” vehicle can be one of the most stressful decisions a consumer will face. Working closely with the Minoto team to make this process simple, easy and reliable, we created a brand new experience. We prepared Minoto’s website, mobile application, social media and motion graphics.

While creating brand awareness, we aimed to create a platform with a friendly, simple, open, honest and approachable personality based on people’s experience of finding the car they love. Our UI & UX team has designed interfaces where the car buying journey is personalized with detailed research, drafts, and sketches. The user experience is at the forefront that unites Authorized Dealers and consumers. After testing the website with users, we made minor changes to the flow and moved the brand, services, and values ​​to all mobile applications, social media, and motion graphics.

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