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Pakodemy, which contains hundreds of thousands of questions, solution videos, courses, and lectures, is a new generation learning platform. It allows students preparing for the university to share their own goals, daily plans, questions, and courses according to their level, share questions with other students and teachers, and exchange ideas on their phones and tablets.

As Fol, we prepared brand strategy, name, logo, corporate identity, mobile and tablet applications, and UI-UX studies for this new generation learning platform where education and technology come together. Our team created the name Pakodemy, which comes from the combination of the words Pako+Academy.

The Pakodemy logo was created based on the pencil movement form used while marking the questions and answers. We used linear colored illustrations and a vibrant color palette to shape the overall aesthetic of branding.

Our UI and UX team worked with our brand team about carrying the created brand identity to mobile and tablet applications. Our team of analysts created benchmark analysis, draft sketches that will increase the usability of the application. In line with the work of our teams, we have created a user-friendly platform that increases motivation for learning, development, and discovery.

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