Pera’da Denize Sıfır - Fol

Pera’da Denize Sıfır

Organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Branch of the Chamber of Architects, Denize Sıfır Exhibition in Pera was about how the 3100-meter coastline of Beyoğlu, one of the most important districts of Istanbul, between Karaköy and Dolmabahçe was closed for public use.

The works of this unique exhibition should also be memorable and attract attention. That’s why we drew the most important places of Istanbul using line illustration style, using their exact locations. We placed the drawn illustrations in a specially chosen teal color. Apart from the corporate identity, the exhibition design and many advertising areas such as flyers, billboards, and digital screens were also prepared.

The exhibition, which remained open for about a month, hosted thousands of visitors from different cities of Istanbul and Turkey.

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