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Shopier is a platform that offers sales and payment automation in social media, various marketplaces, and all channels on the internet. Hosting many marketplaces today, Shopier makes order-taking and placing processes safer and more accessible. Those who want to enter e-commerce through social media platforms can start making sales within minutes, track order automation sales, and increase their customer base thanks to the secure payment method and ease of use.

Working closely with the Shopier team on Shopier’s strategic brand change, we recreated the logo, corporate identity, mobile application, website, and corporate printed materials.

To strengthen Shopier’s leading position in the e-commerce sales and payment market and emphasize its accessibility and ease of use, we have prepared a sharp-edged, salient logo design suitable for all platforms. While creating brand awareness, we aimed to distinguish the brand from its competitors by establishing a colorful, sincere, and trustworthy world by using three-dimensional objects.

Our UI and UX designers team provides a friendly and trusting feeling; They have brought it to all of their new website and mobile application experiences with an easy-to-use, lucid, clear and irresistible interface.

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