Solino - Fol


IBT Solar is a well-established and trusted organization with many years of experience in the solar energy industry. Now, we present a new brand for lightening and heating homes with solar energy: Solino.

As Fol, we have crafted the brand identity of Solino with an innovative approach to creative collaboration. The brand name is derived from the Latin word “sol,” which means “solar energy.” The interior part of the repeated “O” letters in the logo is designed symbolically to resemble solar energy panels and their intersections. This symbol has become one of the most important elements of the brand identity.

Solino’s primary colors are yellow and anthracite. Yellow represents the brand’s energy and the sun, while anthracite reflects experience and trust. Complementary colors such as orange and light gray have been chosen to create a wide color palette for Solino.

The new design system created for Solino has influenced various aspects, including corporate identity materials, social media posts, and advertising campaigns.
With Solino, let your home’s energy come from the sun.

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