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Vector Mobility

Vector Mobility allows companies to manage their corporate mobility needs through a single platform. In addition to features such as shared vehicle and service, pool vehicle management, passenger collection and distribution, connected car, fleet planning; With transportation, companies prepare the infrastructures for their own culture and needs.

As Fol, we worked on an innovative and ambitious brand strategy with Vector Mobility. We created a human-centered brand by renewing the visual identity, logo, communication design, website, motion picture design and illustrations from end to end.

Together, our design team created an identity that can be applied across many different brands and platforms of VRT. The new brand includes a flexible system in VRT’s brand architecture that provides consistent logic between the sub-brands and the parent brand.

In the re-created design system of Vector Mobility, which brings technology and people together, we prepared each material with vivid colors and a new visual language. Apart from these, the website and UX processes were designed with a structure where user experience will be forefront.

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