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Zenbase, a New York-based financial service company, is a platform to increase the operational benefit of solutions of property managers by providing services while improving the financial situation of tenants.

As Fol design studio,  the brand value is identified as well as the potential audience and differentiation areas in the fast-growing market are defined by closely collaborating with the Zenbase team. By moving the symbol and signs to the center of the new identity emblem, the purpose of our aim is the emblem gains minimal, brave, friendly, and dynamic visual identity. The points on the emblem (house symbols) are the symbol of a balanced relationship between property managers and tenants while the financial symbol of % creates the letter of ‘Z’.

For the color palette, we chose the green color and completing and adjunctive pastel tons as secondary colors. So that, we aim to bring an innovative horizon and perspective to the financial market.

We determined the target audience’s user behavior, usage habits, and expectation to create a road map of the whole digital experience. We designed a mobile application and website interface with a brand new experience in accordance with Zenbase’s brand identity system.

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