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Arter, which opened in 2010 as the Vehbi Koç Foundation Foundation, is among Turkey’s most important arts organizations.

Arter, which brought the exhibitions together with the audience until 2018 on İstiklal Street, moved to its new facility in Dolapdere in September 2019. With the new building designed by Grimshaw Architecture, it takes its ongoing activities much further and hosts performances and events from different art disciplines and exhibitions.

Arter building, which has a total indoor area of 18,000 square meters, includes performance halls, learning and event spaces, a library, a bookstore focusing on art publications, a bistro, and exhibition areas.

As Fol, we created the communication design system by working on the brand strategy and positioning of the transformed institution by increasing its fields of activity with its new building in Dolapdere. For a year, we aimed to reflect the institution’s versatile, inviting, courageous, and contemporary stance in close cooperation with the Arter Communication Team.

While constructing Arter’s communication design system, we created geometric forms inspired by the movements in the architectural plans of the building. These geometric forms, which vary within themselves, and the typographic use determined by this structure, formed the defining visual language of Arter. The full spectrum color palette we have chosen reflects the energy and vitality of Arter, the wide range of its collections, and expresses the diversity of its visitors.

We adapted and carried this flexible design system we prepared for Arter to many materials to the brand book. Such as corporate materials, communication and exhibition materials, booklets, vehicle wraps, attendant cards, digital screens, packaging, bags, the notebook works. At the same time, we directed the new design system, environmental graphics, orientation designs, social media posts, advertising campaign and website.

Arter serves as one of the cultural and life platforms with the most visitors today.

Photography: Mehmet Ömür, Arter, Flufoto

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