MAD - Fol


Mekanda Adalet Derneği conducts transdisciplinary studies on the development of fairer, ecological and democratic processes/practices in urban and rural spaces. It produces, accumulates and shares innovative, qualified and public knowledge.

As Fol, we have supported the Mekanda Adalet Derneği with the design works we have prepared since the first day it was founded. First, the logo of the association was prepared with the initials of the association in the foreground. Instead of a single positioning in the logo, different horizontal and vertical positions that can be used in different areas have been prepared. The logo was prepared by positioning the letters in this direction, trying to seek justice in its own space. After the logo design, the design of corporate identity materials began. Apart from corporate identity, we continue to work on the layout of MAD’s quarterly magazine, as well as the poster and flyer works of its events.

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