#sarıyıfarket - Fol


As part of the February 15 Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, our customer KAÇUV’s wish was to both emphasize the importance of this day and create a campaign that made a name for itself.

Our creative team, which started to work in line with the brief, decided to create a campaign with “Yellow”, the color of February 15 Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. With this campaign, it was aimed to make people aware of yellow, that is, childhood cancer, in every area we encounter in the city. Every place that can be used, from public transportation vehicles to billboards, from pedestrian crossings to benches, from brochures and stickers to social media posts, has been transformed into a medium.

At the end of the campaign, which was exist for about a month, 15 news were made in the print media and 111 news items were made in the online media for #SariyiFarkEt. While yellow ribbons were sent to 96 institutions within the scope of institutional cooperation, the personnel working in these institutions supported our call by wearing our ribbons. While our campaign was reported on dozens of websites, the number of unique users reached by our social media accounts and posts exceeded 580,000. As a result of all these, while we received access to up to 5 million, our website www.kacuv.org was visited by thousands of people. As awareness of cancer increases and access to a physician becomes more accessible, the success of treatment increases. Share your photo with the hashtag #sariyifarket with a yellow ribbon or object to raise awareness, be hope for more children!

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