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Intenseye is a platform providing artificial intelligence job safety solutions to in total of 40 different cities, and companies in the USA, Europe and Asia. Carrying out A series of investment tours under the leadership of New York-based Insight Partners, Intenseye is among the most important companies in its sector with a total investment of over 29 million dollars.

As Fol, according to the targets of the Intenseye team, we comprehensively renewed the Intenseye whole online and offline experience by creating an enjoyable and arousing repercussions brand system, which accurately describes Intenseye’s solutions.

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The Intenseye logo is designed in a geometric font based on the Bauhaus school. ARC, the most important part of Intenseye, is positioned in a balanced circular manner with the letter “i”, showing this feature in the logotype, since what makes Intenseye special is its attention to detail. branding identity materials, the world of colours and all the details, which make up the identity have been shaped to describe Intenseye’s extraordinary business model.

Our design and UI&UX teams cooperated and designed a website prioritizing user experience, simple, technology-oriented, and explaining Intenseye solutions uniquely. We produced vector and three-dimensional icons, videos, motion, and visualization triangulation to enrich the visual world of Intenseye for the website. In addition, we created motion videos and stories with kinetic typography for the institutions that Intenseye cooperates with on workplace safety.

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